Could a tipster site that has just come up win the title of the best UK football prediction site? Yes, it could. There is no reason to disbelieve on the tips provided by a website with little experience in soccer betting. The website might be new but the tipper behind the website could be highly experienced and well connected.

In this blog we’ll discuss factors that make a better tips website

You stumble upon a tipster website while looking for a football match prediction for tomorrow. It is a new site but it promises excellent results. You check its experience and find that it has less than 3 year experience in soccer betting.

Would you believe in the site and its claim?

It all depends on your knowledge of soccer betting. If you believe that it is only an experienced tipper that can give accurate tips then you won’t rely on the claim made by the site. You will click back from that site and continue your search for an experienced tipster.

Let’s find reasons to believe on a new tips website Guarantee/Claim

If the website is giving guarantee of success, you can think about buying a tip from that site. But you should closely read the terms and conditions of guarantee before relying on its words. Guarantee of success is certainly a reason to rely on a new website.

Track record

A site that has a very little experience would have a little record to show. But whatever record it has, the record must be checked. For example, a site has only 1 year experience but it has won more than 90% of bets will be more reliable than a site with 10 year experience but less than 90% success rate.


Here you can argue that a site that has spent little time in soccer betting would have limited feedback. You are true but whatever feedback you get about a site, you should pay attention to it. If you find that all the customers of the site are saying only good things about the website, you have a reason to rely on it.


There are full chances that a new site could offer its tips at a reduced price. It can give discount to make clients. Here you are saving some money on tips and the money saved is profit earned. The low fee coupled with other factors like guarantee could be a reason to rely on the site.


A site that talks only about its strengths and try to convince the punters by highlighting its ways is more reliable than the site that uses unethical ways like fixed football match prediction for tomorrow. Match-fixing is the darker side of soccer betting.

These 5 characteristics would help you in making an opinion on a site that is new to soccer betting but claims to be the best UK football prediction site. There are chances that you can discover a new tipper that is both reliable and affordable.