The number of football prediction sites in UK is increasing day by day. There are sites run by individual tippers and also there are websites managed by groups of tipsters. Also, there are tippers that give free tips.

A quick search on football match prediction sites will give you millions of hits matching with your search query and the overwhelming options would it very difficult for you to find the best tipster.

The best way to find a trustworthy tipper is to filter the search results. Here’re the common filters you can use to narrow down the results.

Experience: Every tipper has experience that can be used as a filter to locate the most trustworthy tipster. You can classify tipsters according to their experience like fresh, less than five years, greater than five but less than ten years and more than a decade.

Winning rate: Just like experience, every tipper has a strike rate. You can study strike rate of leading and upcoming professionals and categorize them in a recognizable sequence like less than 50%, from 50% to 80% and greater than 80%. You should keep the tippers with 100% strike rate out of your list.

100% is a lucrative strike rate but it seems too good to be true.

Guarantee: Tippers give a guarantee of success and they give different offers ranging from replacement tips to money back to win the confidence of bettors. You can use guarantee as a filter by classifying tippers into different guarantee categories.

Free tips: Some tipsters offer free service hence they should be kept in a separate category. Websites that offer free tips need different treatment. You can’t keep them in the race to sell tips.

Positive reviews: Tipsters keep collecting positive reviews to build reliability. Also, they publish those reviews on their websites. You can classify tippers according to their number of reviews.

 Inside connection: Some tipsters boast of having inside connections with bookies. You should keep these tippers in a separate category because there is no way to verify the truth behind this claim. But you can believe on the inside connection of a bookie turned tipster.

Similarly, there could be more filters like tipsters experienced in local football clubs and those known for predicting correct outcomes of national and international matches. In this way, you can go on filtering search results to find the soccer tipper that is simply the best.

Once the filtering is complete, you can start reading the findings to further narrow down the search. It will be the second step in filtering the results.

Out of all the filters, it is guarantee that looks more reliable. There is no harm in investing on half time draw football predictions that come with a replacement guarantee. If a bet is lost, you have the opportunity to win the next bet.

In conclusion, it can be said that the best football match prediction sites are one that give the right figures about their experience, strike rate and positive reviews. You will have to rely on the data given by the tippers.